The Casual Book Club

First, thanks again to everyone who gave me book recommendations! I will happily take more if anyone has them. I'm looking for well-written books with likable protagonists and no soul-scarringly violent scenes.

Second, I'm starting an online book club based on the book recs. I've called it the Casual Book Club because you all can participate or not, book by book, as you wish. So if you have time for and interest in one round and not for the next, that's fine. I will post which book I'm going to read here, then give a day a couple weeks out when online discussion will start. These don't have to be lengthy, five-paragraph-essay discussions; I'm just looking for some friendly book sharing with people I like. Sound good?

Okay, the first Casual Book Club selection is The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. Why that one? Because I could find it at my local library. I'll post a new entry where we can discuss it starting August 25. Who's in?

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