I welcome students of all ages and levels.  I hold a master's degree in vocal performance from Queens College and have many years of experience both teaching and performing.  Improve your singing voice in a relaxed, fun atmosphere with me!  Topics covered include: music reading, theory, diction, breath management, resonance, interpretation, language coaching, characterization, stage presence and presentation, and vocal freedom.  Whether you're interested in singing karaoke with friends for fun, becoming a stronger choral singer, or auditioning for shows, I can help you find your true voice! 


L O C A T I O N 


I teach primarily at Michiko Rehearsal Studios, located on 46th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues in Manhattan, near Times Square.  I offer FaceTime and Skype lessons as well.



W H A T    T O    E X P E C T


Lessons are generally divided into two sections.  During the first half, we'll warm up physically and vocally through exercises designed to prepare your body and voice for healthy singing.  The second half is devoted to putting those healthy vocal techniques into repertoire.



M Y    A P P R O A C H


It's important to me that my students feel comfortable and relaxed during lessons, so I encourage my students to feel free to ask questions and give feedback on the material covered in lessons.  I also believe that students excel most when they can take ownership over their own progress.  My students will tell you that I ask in almost every lesson, "How was that different from what you were doing before?" or "What were you focusing on to make that improvement?"  I do this so my students will be able to duplicate the improvements in their technique on their own, as well as in the lesson.



H O W    T O    P R E P A R E


Students should come to every lesson with their music and a pencil.  A recording device is also strongly recommended.  (Most smartphones have a recording app, so recording lessons is easier than ever!)  



H O W    T O    S C H E D U L E    A    L E S S O N 


Please e-mail me by clicking here.

I look forward to hearing from you!